Lomma Library 7th December 2019 – 5th January 2020

Having the opportunity to Exhibit at Lomma library is very special for me. In one exhibition I am managing to combine three of my biggest passions, Books, Art and the Seaside.

Lomma is the closest seaside to our house and we have had many a great walk on the seafront, so I’m really proud to be able to display my work in the library there for the month of December.

My paintings will be on display from 7th December 2019 to 5th January 2020. Take the time to have a walk on the seafront, then head over to the library to check out the books and my latest paintings.

The exhibition officially opens 9th December, see below link for details.


The normal library opening times are:

Mån-tis 10-20

Ons-tors 10-19

Fre 10-18

Lör-sön 11-15.


10 percent of all sales from this exhibition will go to the WWF Marine Adoption program.


A resilient ocean sustains marine life and functioning ecosystems that support rich biodiversity, food security and sustainable livelihoods – it’s worth looking after.

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