The Last Two Tigers – Feb 2018


Over the last three years I’ve painted eight tigers, but now I’m working on the last two. They’re not quite finished, but they will be in time for Konstrundan 2018.  You’ll be able to see them at Gallery Alma in Grönby and Solsäter in Räng.  The tiger is an amazing animal to paint, it’s such an attractive animal that it’s almost impossible to fail to turn it into a great piece of art.

And the great news for the tiger is that while I’ve been painting away, the number of tigers living in the wild has increased.  WWF have a goal to double the number of tigers in the wild between 2010 and 2022 (the next year of the tiger on the Chinese calendar).  In 2010 there was an estimated 3200 tigers living in the wild today there is 3900.  By providing updated technology, introducing wardens and educating and compensating locals WWF have successfully managed to accurately count tiger populations and now increase their numbers.


But for me these will be the last two tigers that I’ll paint for a while.  I love the process of painting tigers, and bringing them to life on the canvas, but I’ve got other ideas I want to develop so these two will be the last for now.  Hope to see you in Grönby on Good Friday.


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